Adam Kiser

We’re so happy for our former student, Christian brother and awesome bass player, Adam Kiser He’s the son of Ken and Cheryl Kiser of Valdosta. Adam took bass lessons from Bill Brown in high school, practiced like a crazy man, and was part of our New Covenant Church Valdosta worship team. He moved to Redding in 2011 to attend the Bethel Ministry School. Adam told me that he was asked to be a part of the worship community about two years ago and began playing local services. Adam was invited to be a part of the recent Bethel Worship Nights Southeastern tour which just ended and has also been invited to go on the South Africa Worship Nights tour which begins March 25th. They will be traveling to Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Capetown and Port Elizabeth. Please pray for Adam and the team’s physical safety, spiritual steadfastness and that the message of Christ will go forth in power! (posted with permission)